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Does Your Skin Really Need Moisturizing Soap?

The skin is the biggest organ in your body, so it’s only right to give it the proper care is needs – that means moisturizing and protecting it from pollutants that can negatively affect its condition. Unfortunately for many, using a moisturizing soap or a body lotion is only an afterthought.

But the truth is, everyone needs a moisturizing soap, no matter what their skin type is. Here’s why:

The skin protects itself with moisture.

Did you know that moisture is the one thing that keeps the skin in pristine condition? It makes sure that the protective layer on the surface of the skin is balanced so it can keep harmful bacteria away. Dehydrated skin can cause many other skin issues that can take a significant amount on time to heal. The skin can feel itchy and your complexion may appear dull.

It can help balance your pH.

Here’s another fun fact about our skin: its natural pH level is slightly acidic so it can ward off debris and other pollutants. But if you’re dehydrated, the skin’s natural pH is disrupted which therefore opens the skin’s natural protective barrier to harmful bacteria.

So, if you see any part of your skin dry or cracking, moisturize it immediately so the natural barrier can function properly and do what it’s supposed to.

Moisture helps prevent acne.

It’s only natural to think that you need strong astringent products if you have severe acne. Well, that is not the case at all; in fact, doing so can make it worse! Cleansers or any other skin care products with harsh ingredients strip the skin of its natural oil and sometimes even break down its protective barrier. Get a cleanser or a moisturizing soap that is tough on oil and dirt but also gentle enough for the skin.

It can help prevent early signs of aging.

Noticing early signs of aging? Use a moisturizing soap! It’s no secret that moisturizing can help prevent those annoying fine lines, age spots and sagging skin. When the skin is deprived of moisture, the cells shrivel up and dry out. If you start to use a moisturizing soap, you’re helping the cells renew faster, resulting in youthful-looking skin!

Want a soap that helps moisturize the skin and more?

Pervil Glutathione Soap has glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that can help improve the skin’s natural radiance as it can lighten and moisturize the skin with regular use.

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