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How to Lighten Skin with the Magic of Papaya

Who doesn’t want skin that’s beautiful and enviable? One that stays supple, smooth and spotless…

Beautiful skin is everybody’s dream. Yup, fair and soft skin is magic! And that magic, you can have it with the right product and right ingredients. The secret? Pervil Magic Lotion Skin Moisturizer with Papaya Extract!

It is packed with ingredients that can help give your skin the nourishment it needs. Because it’s not enough that your skin is fair. Just like our body, our skin needs all the health benefits to make it glow and radiate with beauty day in and day out.

Pervil Magic Lotion’s key ingredient is Carica papaya extract. This helps moisturize and lighten your skin tone by eliminating dark spots in your body like elbows, knees, underarms, bikini lines and even feet tan lines.

Papaya Skin Benefits

Helps Lighten the Skin

Papaya has a number of skin benefits ranging from skin lightening to exfoliation and even repair. It has an enzyme called ‘papain’ that helps lighten the skin. This enzyme also helps shed off dead skin cells, making the skin look dewier and even toned. It also has a hydrating action that’s why skin is moisturized. And because papaya extract is all-natural, it is not harsh on the skin.

Helps Smoothen the Skin

Beautiful skin, however, is not just about being fair. To complete your beauty must-haves, you also need supple, radiant and glowing skin. Pervil Magic Lotion does that by helping your skin stay soft and smooth.

Helps Soothe the Skin

Aside from papaya extract, Pervil Magic Lotion also contains chamomile extract that helps soothe and fortify the skin. This is because chamomile extract has natural anti-irritants so it’s friendly on the skin. Looking good, right?

Has a Clean, Refreshing Scent

Pervil Magic Lotion also has a refreshing scent that helps makes you feel clean and fresh all day. No sticky, oily feeling because it is easily absorbed by the skin. It glides evenly and smoothly on your skin, ensuring that you get the benefits of all its beauty ingredients.

Get that skin magic with Pervil Magic Lotion Skin Moisturizer with Papaya Extract! To get the best results, use it regularly after washing with Pervil Magic Soap. Apply the lotion on your skin in the morning after shower and before sleeping.

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