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What to Look for in a Whitening Lotion

When it comes to skin whitening lotions, you will never run out of options. But before you pick a product to try next, make sure that it’s the right one for you. Read our pointers below.

But First, Why Use Body Lotion?

Morning or evening, applying lotion to your body can sometimes feel like a chore. So why bother? What can a lotion do that a good shower can’t?

Body lotion works on your neck, arms, legs, knees and feet the same way that a daily moisturizer benefits your face. It conditions your skin to be smooth, supple and healthy, and it also replenishes your skin’s protective barrier. Here are the benefits of using body lotion:

  • It can help lessen your chances of getting skin problems.
  • Like facial moisturizers, body lotion can help in getting rid of blemishes.
  • A well-moisturized skin is a healthy one! Moisturizing with body lotion can help your skin heal and recover from damages, like those caused by too much sun exposure.

And like facial moisturizers, body lotions come in different variants that can help address specific concerns such as dryness, sensitivity and susceptibility to skin conditions. For whitening lotions, it would be to lighten one’s current complexion.

Considerations When Choosing a Whitening Lotion

Make sure you’re choosing a moisturizer that works for your skin with these considerations.

  • The Right Feel on Your Skin
  • Start with consistency and how the lotion feels on your skin. Is it thick and rich? Or light and easily absorbed? There’s no reason to choose a lotion that you don’t feel comfortable with. If it feels good and right on your skin, chances are, you’re using a product that matches well with your skin type!
  • The Right Content
  • There are whitening products that are harsh on the skin. You must opt for one that is safe to use and has natural skin lightening ingredients like:
    • Arbutin. From bearberries, Arbutinis a gentle alternative to control production of melanin in the skin.
    • Kojic Acid. A byproduct of fermented Japanese sake, soy sauce and rice wine, Kojic Acid not only helps lighten your skin, it also has anti-microbial properties that can contribute to the overall wellness of your body.
    • Glutathione. Naturally found in human cells, Glutathione is an antioxidant that eliminates free radicals while helping boost your body’s immune system.

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