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Your Top Questions About Magic Cream, Answered

The word is “magic.” And the brand to beat is Pervil Magic Cream. Beauty savvy women are talking about this popular skin whitening product. Those who tried can vouch for its effectiveness, enough to trigger the interest of others who want to try the product as well, but with some questions in mind. Here we answer common queries about Pervil Magic Cream.

  1. What is Pervil Magic Cream for?

Pervil Magic Cream is best used for dark areas of the body like feet, knuckles, elbows, knees, groin and other dark spots that need some whitening.

  1. What are its ingredients?

Pervil Magic Cream has a special formulation of moisturizers and vitamins that help effectively lighten and smoothen the skin, making it look younger and fairer.

  1. Does it have an SPF to protect my skin from the sun?

Yes, it has SPF 15 that will protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

  1. What specific benefits can it do for my skin?

Pervil Magic Cream is a skin moisturizer that has Vit. E and chamomile extract which can help minimize the visible signs of rough, dry, sun-damaged and freckled skin with regular use.

  1. Aside from giving me fairer skin, what else can it do?

With regular use, it can also help get rid of stretch marks brought about by pregnancy.

  1. Is it available online?

Yes, just fill out our order form here (15g ₱245 SRP, other sizes available).

  1. How long should I be using it to see visible results?

Effects vary from one skin type to another, but typically, a couple of weeks will show you some improvements.

  1. Does it have a strong smell?

It has a pleasing, fresh scent that a lot of customers love.

  1. Is Pervil Magic Cream FDA-approved?

Yes, it is FDA-approved so you can be sure that it is safe because it went through strict processing standards.

  1. Does it have other forms?

Yes, we have Pervil Magic Soap! It has grape seed extract and Vit. E that can help gently cleanse and tone rough, blemished skin with regular use. Complemented by the fresh, calming aroma of pure chamomile extract, it also has honey and unrefined shea that can help nourish and keep the skin smooth, soft and vibrant-looking. You can also check out our Pervil Magic Cream Lotion (Lumiskin); aside from chamomile extract, it also has Vit. A & E, and caprylic/capric triglyceride that can help moisturize and lighten dark areas of the body with regular use.

With so many skin care products in the market, it is only proper to have a thorough knowledge about your brand. Effectivity, safety and accreditation are some of the basics that you need to check when choosing a product. Exactly like Pervil Magic Cream. Get yours now!

Pervil products are available at Mercury Drug, Southstar and other leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide! Browse our products here to learn more.